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PostSubject: Important~   Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:09 am


well first normal credits.--

Slifer: 100

Ra: 200

Obelisk: 300

Mod: 2400

if u help:----

signatures: 100

deck palace: 50

site banner: 300

Help admin/mod: he/she will say how much most is 400

now rules for ranks---

well to rank u have to face a ranker or a captain/co. captain

to rank to slifer well its easy just loose XD I just wanted to say that

Ra well to rank ra u have to make ur opponent loose more than 4000 lp

to rank obelisk u have to beat or make ur opponent loose more that 6000 lp

official rules for challenges!

any 1 in the same dorm can challange each other for dorm places the lower the number on ur dorm the better u are i
did em by the member list but for now on thats how it is.

to challange another dorm u need 400 fo ra nd 450 for obelisk yes u can move to the rank if u win.

to challange captains u need to pm me and post it on the site and ill see if u can challange them if u win u become new leader
and 1st dorm well thats it for now pm me if i need to add stuff
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